Fear of Intimacy/Relationships

Do you find yourself pulling away from relationships at the moment they become serious?

Do you find yourself sabotaging your relationship when you feel like you’re getting to close?

Do you find yourself avoiding relationships by keeping your encounters sexual?

Do you find yourself avoiding relationships because of fear or uneasiness about having a sexual relationship?

Do you find yourself retreating from emotional connections because you might get hurt?

Do you find yourself pushing people away to avoid having to build connections?

Often we do these things subconsciously as a form of protection.  When we have been deeply hurt by someone it is common for our subconscious to create a reference or connection between relationships and pain.  Often we stop ourselves from grieving effectively and acknowledging the depth of our pain.   We push through it to get to a less painful place, but we create habits that keep us from engaging in deep connections with others.

Hypnosis can help you grieve appropriately, remove the negative emotions and responses to relationships and increase your self-confidence.

You can find happiness with yourself and a partner again.  You deserve to have deep connections and emotionally and sexually intimate relationships.

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