What To Expect

Your Consultation is a phone call or visit in which you explain the situation/issue that you want to improve.  We will discuss your solutions, hypnosis plan, and schedule your sessions.

Your  First Session is usually 3 hours long and subsequent sessions are 2 hours.  This may seem like a lengthy session, but I have found that my clients get the best results in this amount of time.

Included are Your Personal History Interview which usually lasts forty-five minutes to an hour, we discuss in detail your situation and the improvement that you wish to make in your life.  Next, I guide you into hypnosis.  From there, you will  go through memories attached to your issue.  This has an amazing ability to break connections between events and your responses, both physiological and emotional.

Ego States Mediation is next, which can be best explained by family mediation within yourself.  We all have parts of us that take charge to get us through certain circumstances, social roles, events. Often when a part takes charge so often, it becomes the norm and is comfortable, even if it is negatively impacting our lives.  For example, when fear takes charge over and over we feel all those symptoms of stress every time.  We get used to that feeling, even though we know it is impacting our relationships, job or career, and our overall health and well-being. Knowing this, we work together to have the parts of you compromise to do what is best for you as a whole person to improve your situation.

We continue with guided imagery and work on more self-hypnosis coaching, and you learn how to use all of these on your own.  We finish with Question and Answer period.  Feel free to ask me anything!

Your Subsequent Sessions will last about 2 hours and begin with us taking a few minutes to discuss the improvements you have noticed since your last session, questions, and goals for the session.  We will continue with hypnosis and self-hypnosis instruction and close with Question and Answer period.

Your Smoking Cessation Session will last about 90 minutes  and include an interview process to understand your personal history and your reasons for wanting to stop smoking.  We will then work on some positive imagery and then move into positive suggestions in which your reasons for quitting are incorporated.  Next, we will work on healthy alternatives and discuss what has kept you from quitting in the past.  We will finish with self-hypnosis instruction to help kick your addiction for good!


If you’re unsure whether or not you would be a good match for Heal With Hypnosis, click here to find out more.