Simply Put, Thank You

“I waited to write this because I wanted to find the right words, but realized I never will find exactly the words that I need to express how you’ve helped me.

When I first came to you, I was as broken as a person can be; afraid to leave the apartment, to go into a store, even afraid to drive down the street without being in full anxiety attack – panic mode. I was grieving several tremendous losses; job, family, a miscarriage, a relationship, and honestly didn’t know how I would ever find enough scraps of my shattered life to be even half the person I used to be. I had been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and PTSD. I was on disability from work and my body was showing the effects of not being able to sleep or eat; I was not able to function at more than a basic level of sleep-bathroom-sleep.


Within a few sessions, I felt better than I had after several months of counseling and medication alone. The positive visualization has helped me regain my confidence, my sense of safety and security, and has dulled the sense of loss that had so completely taken over my life. Your help in working with my anxiety and stress issues not only gave me the tools to deal with those feelings that were destroying me and affecting every aspect of my life, but to resolve so very many underlying issues that I didn’t realize were still troubling me.


Thanks to all the work you put into helping me heal my mind and spirit you gave me an added gift by also helping me heal physically and spiritually. Thanks to you, I am able to go about my daily life with a confidence and sense of contentment that has eluded me for far too long. You not only helped me heal, but gave me a confidence I never thought I was good enough to accept. You helped me realize those qualities that make me who I am are strengths, not weaknesses and that I do have gifts to share with others.


Working with you is one of the best decisions that I have ever made; you helped me get ME back; a better me than I have ever been before: confident, strong, and whole. You have a gift and talent that you have chosen to share those with your clients is truly a blessing. These few sentences will never be able to express fully what you have done for me. I will never be able to thank you enough for putting so much time and effort into helping me see me for the person you knew I could be. Simply put, thank you.”

Client, South Dakota

Feel like I can do anything!

“After just 1 session I couldn’t believe the results! I was having about three panic attacks a week before meeting with Rebecca. After my first session I felt instant relief and stopped having frequent attacks. Rebecca also taught me techniques for relaxation that really help me. She doesn’t judge, and she makes me feel like I can do anything!”
Client, South Dakota


You flipped a switch in me.

“I was just sitting here thinking how much my life has changed over the past year, and I have you to thank for a lot of that!  Not only with my eating, but my self-esteem, I am so much more confident, driven…….I know that I would have not signed up for boot camp and I surely wouldn’t be going to school if it hadn’t been for you, it’s like you flipped a switch in me.  I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, you have been a blessing in my life and I am forever grateful to you.”
Client, South Dakota

You gave my life back…improved 1000%

“When I came to see Rebecca for my consultation, I knew that I had to give it a try.  My life was a constant panic attack.  I was living in sadness, grief, and panic.  This was no way to live.  I had no idea that Rebecca could guide me through my past and help me find all the lessons that I was overlooking. I resolved so much pain that I had NO IDEA was contributing to my current panic. Every session helped me feel stronger and stronger.  I cannot tell people enough, You don’t have to live with panic!  I never thought my life could get this much better. Rebecca: You gave me my life back and it was improved 1000%.  I cannot thank you enough. You saved my life.”
Client, South Dakota

Safe, Relaxed, At Ease

“Hypnosis with Rebecca is AMAZING!! I went to Rebecca with anxiety issues … panic attacks nearly daily … and after my first visit, the attacks subsided.  I have never been more relaxed or been more comfortable and at ease to let it out or felt more safe than with Rebecca! She has helped me immeasurably!”
Client, South Dakota

Changed My Life

“Rebecca has changed my life. A few months ago, I was stuck. I was living with panic attacks several times a day. I wasn’t working, I wasn’t driving, I couldn’t be alone, and I couldn’t even go to a large department store for more than a few minutes. Rebecca helped me disconnect the panic. That’s the best way to say it. We worked together to disconnect the negative emotions from the abuse in my past so that I can move forward without panic. Now, I am working a full-time job, feel comfortable being alone, I can go shopping again, and I am even planning a vacation. I don’t wake up wondering what bad things the day will hold for me anymore. My life is so much easier than I ever thought it could be. Thank you for all you have done for me, Rebecca.”
Client, South Dakota

I have found my worth.

“Had I not gone through hypnosis with Rebecca’s guidance and tender care, I can tell you I would not be sitting in the airport right now waiting to board a plane to deliver me to a training class for my new job (which I am excited about!).  I also would have been crushed by the actions of other people…but would have only become more angry (if that was possible!).  And, I would not have found my worth.  That is the most powerful thing of all.  If you can love yourself, you love everyone else much easier and more deeply.


I believe Rebecca was sent to me. God was tired of watching this girl run around like the angry Tasmanian Devil from the cartoon show. Now, He, as well as everyone else in my life gets to be with a much kinder and loving me. I hope you decide to love yourself enough to talk with Rebecca too. You are SO worth it. <3″
Client, South Dakota

Self-Sabotage & Public Speaking Fear

“I work in a high-profile position in my career and I needed help with public speaking and general fears. I was always sabotaging myself because of fear of failure. I worried that others would learn about my problem, which could affect my clients’ confidence in me. Rebecca at Heal With Hypnosis kept everything confidential and she helped me understand and MOVE PAST my fears. I feel like a giant weight has been lifted. I can’t thank you enough, Rebecca. You are worth every penny and more!”
Client, South Dakota

Brought Confidence Into My Life

“Rebecca brought confidence into my life and provided me the tools I needed to overcome an anxiety that had begun to consume me almost constantly.  Through her very authentic and thoughtful practice, she taught me how to break destructive thought patterns and instead, create a habit of peace and calmness.  A multitude of very real, physical symptoms that had been intensifying over several years began disappearing after only a few sessions with Rebecca.  The improvement allowed me to perform my job better and had very positive impacts on my personal relationships.  Rebecca’s sincere care for me as a person allowed me to trust the process wholly so I could fully work on eliminating the stress that had become an ever-present part of my being.  I feel like I have a new charter on life(!) and am so grateful to Rebecca for sharing her gift of healing!”
Client, Sioux Falls, SD

Anxiety Had Infected Every Part Of My Life

“I wasn’t sure that getting rid of anxiety and the physical symptoms that I felt would even be possible.  Rebecca gave me so much hope during my consultation, I felt better already.  When I started my sessions I was a little nervous, Rebecca assured me that is natural.  She helped me feel comfortable and safe.  I knew that I could trust her with my memories.  After the first session, I felt calm. I hadn’t felt calm in years.  As we resolved traumatic events from years ago, I noticed how anxiety had infected every part of my life.  I noticed because I was doing things easily and noticed that things that used to stress me out weren’t anymore. Everything is easier now.  What a gift! Thank you, Rebecca!”
Client, South Dakota

Pre-Surgery Fear/Post-Surgery Healing

“I thought of Rebecca to help me with my fear of an upcoming hip-replacement surgery. I had worked with Rebecca on a previous issue, and I knew she could help me get through this. The results exceeded my expectations. Rebecca helped me eliminate fear of the procedure, she taught me to visualize a completely relaxing procedure with the medical team and my body working with me as the captain, and she helped me with a beautiful self-hypnosis program to aid in speedy and complete healing. Rebecca got to know who I am as a person and developed the right program for me and my specific needs. Just 13 days after the surgery, my doctor released me to do WHATEVER I want to do with NO restrictions as long as I am comfortable. He also told me that my surgery was the easiest he has ever done, and I attribute that to Rebecca’s hypnosis program. I recommend Rebecca, without hesitation, to anyone preparing for a surgery or medical procedure. She will help you relax and heal quickly. Thank you, Rebecca!”
Celia Hogan, South Dakota

Test Anxiety

“I had never had any experience with or exposure to hypnosis prior to my visit. I considered hypnosis because I had serious test anxiety which resulted in poor self-esteem. After visiting with Rebecca, I believe she was really able to pull things out of me that I didn’t even know existed. After our session, I felt as if a huge boulder was lifted off of me. I could breathe again. I didn’t think of myself as the idiot in the crowd anymore. I saw myself as a completely different person. Since our session, I have not had the opportunity to “test” out my test anxiety, but I can tell at this time, my outlook on testing is quite a bit different. Thanks, Rebecca, for helping me “breathe” again. Dena”


After her big test Dena wrote:
“The test went very well. I wasn’t a bit nervous and the thought never crossed my mind that I was not smart enough to be there. Of course, now I have to wait three months to see what the actual results are, buy my anxieties were completely gone. Even if I would not pass it, it wouldn’t be because my nerves got in the way. Thank you very much for everything 🙂 What you did really has changed my life!!!”
Dena, Minnesota

Smoking Cessation After 40 Years

“When my wife, Ruby, and I contacted Rebecca about Hypnosis to aid in quitting smoking, I must admit I was a little skeptical. The session lasted for about an hour for each of us. It turned out that we were so ready to quit that it only took one session with Rebecca to make us nonsmokers. It was truly amazing after one session exploring all the negative aspects of smoking, neither Ruby or I have suffered any withdrawal or deep cravings to smoke. After smoking for 40 years each and trying various methods to quit, I am so glad we were fortunate enough to come in contact with Rebecca. That was November 11, 2005.”
John and Ruby Schaefer, Nevada

Stopped Smoking

“Rebecca was right! All I had to do was want to stop smoking and sit in the chair. I never dreamed it could be this easy to stop smoking after all these years. I feel so great.”
Mel, South Dakota


“Pain in my neck was the reason I sought hypnosis as a possible way to reduce or eliminate the pain that I felt on a basis. I had tried several alternative options including physical therapy, medication, and other relaxation techniques. None of them had any lasting effects, however they did help temporarily. I started to think that it was a deeper issue when I found the services of Ms. Wiener, and she explained how hypnosis works. Never having had hypnosis before, I was curious to see if it would help. Immediately I was made to feel at ease and her helpful explanations of the hypnosis process were very comforting and reassuring. My session lasted for two hours; however it felt like about 20 minutes. I was totally relaxed and fearless. Ms. Wiener helped me to identify the onset of my neck pain. She also helped me to understand how I could self-hypnotize through focusing on my own so that I could achieve relief on a daily basis. Her expertise is remarkable and I highly recommend her as a hypnotist.”
C. Steffensen, Minnesota

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