Test Confidence

Summer is the perfect time to schedule sessions for students who are struggling with test taking. I have worked with many students from teens preparing for their regular history exams and ACT, SAT, to adults studying for licensing exams. What you do NOW will help you so much more LATER. For a high school student, having anxious feelings about regular exams and semester tests decreases self-worth, self-confidence and can even keep students home sick from school!  For that same student, the idea of taking an ACT or SAT exam is seemingly out of reach. And we all know that scoring well on those tests combined with a good GPA can mean nice rewards of scholarship money.

For the adult who is working toward a license in their chosen field, panicking about test scores can be costly as well. Imagine studying for years to earn your degree and then not taking it to the next level because you don’t have the confidence to pass the licensing exam. That can cost you tens of thousands of dollars each year and that can really add up for your career. Ultimately, you want to be doing what you choose. Rather than letting fear decide for you.

I have a proven step-by-step method that I customize for each client to help neutralize feelings of insecurity in the past as well as help you feel confidence while studying, to help you strengthen your retention and recall of information, and feel at ease going into your exams. I will happily help your student or you create your testing confidence.

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Rebecca Wiener is the founder of Heal With Hypnosis and creator of “The Whole Life Happy Method”.  Rebecca is an experienced, consulting hypnotist dedicated to helping men and women resolve fears, sadness, and anger, and get unstuck to achieve their dreams. If you are struggling, call Rebecca at 605-940-8389 or visit  Heal With Hypnosis  website for a free consultation.