Your truth matters. It matters to your inner child. It matters to who you are right now. And it matters to your future self.

Sexual trauma does something to our self-worth that nothing else can do.

It takes something that cannot be given back. It harms our self-worth into believing that we are less than or even nothing; that we are an object; that we are for someone else’s pleasure. It puts us in a prison of anger, shame, guilt, fear, and more.

It’s a lie. We are worth way more. But our self-worth thinks it’s the truth.

What happens when our self-worth is hurt in this way? Here are some ways that it may be impacting your life:

  • Deep anger or rage that you can’t easily locate the cause
  • Feeling terrified in your body in safe situations
  • Carrying tension on your body (on your shoulders, chest, abdomen, or even pressure in your head)
  • Avoiding relationships and physical intimacy
  • Feeling like sexual intimacy and/or physical touch is disgusting
  • Inability to achieve orgasm
  • Feeling anxiety in relationships
  • Feeling anxiety during physical intimacy
  • Crying during physical intimacy
  • Using sex as a way to “connect” while keeping your emotional walls up
  • Never feeling good enough
  • Feeling blocked in your career because your self-worth doesn’t think you deserve success
  • Feeling insecure in groups
  • Feeling insecure when alone
  • Feeling intense shame, guilt, or embarrassment for no reason
  • Feeling the desire to not be seen
  • Constantly questioning other’s motives and integrity

This happens because every moment–good, bad, ugly–is recorded in our subconscious mind.

The events of our life and how we respond to them are the references for every other response we make.

If you have sexual assault, molestation, or rape in your past, it is in your subconscious files. You may have found yourself responding in ways that feel immature or do not match who you are now or the present circumstances.

For example, you may feel safe in your relationship, but feel gross or irritated when your partner initiates intimacy.

This is because the file that your subconscious mind is using as a reference for sexual activity contains memories and responses that cause your mind to think of the sexual trauma(often unconsciously).

Your subconscious does this as a way of trying to protect you from the trauma happening again.

It doesn’t understand that you are safe now. It doesn’t understand that was the past.

But you can change that. You can learn to calm down those old thoughts, reminders, flashbacks…those old files.

You can get your self-worth back. You can get your confidence back.

Together as partners, using specific hypnosis techniques, we can calm those old files and help you find peace, acceptance and FREEDOM from living in the past.

For the last 19 years I’ve helped women and men get their lives back after healing from sexual trauma.

I’d love to help you. I’d be honored.

If you are ready to reclaim your self-worth, restore your confidence, and feel the FREEDOM that you deserve, I’m here to help.

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