Are you ready to take things to the NEXT LEVEL? Then, let’s go!

Working as a professional athlete takes commitment, physical strength, mental strength, and confidence. These do not work without one another. Low confidence or self-sabotage behaviors can get in the way of a solid career quickly. Heal With Hypnosis offers a special, targeted program to help you connect your mind and your body to this passion of your spirit.

 Hypnosis for Professional Athletes Program Includes:

  • Removing Fear of Failure. Overcoming past injuries, past missteps, and old stories and limiting beliefs.

  • Removing Fear of Success.  Most fears of success issues have their roots in money and wealth and whether or not they are deserving. Often self-sabotage behaviors around money will cause individuals to act out in public, increase anger and irresponsibility, creating a negative reputation. This leaves them out of the running for high-paying sponsorship and endorsement contracts. Fear of success isn’t discussed much, but it can be deadly for a career. It can include a fear of a change of lifestyle, fear of added responsibility, and pressure to continue to achieve. Self-sabotage behaviors often surface because the individual is essentially keeping him or herself from success.

  • Increasing Mental and Physical Stamina.

  • Creating Extreme Focus and Clarity.

  • Creating Super Self-Confidence and Self-Respect.

  • How to Shine in the Spotlight. This part of the program involves choosing your language, creating calm responses, learning to be fast on your feet with responses. My clients refer to it as “Charm School.”

Hypnosis for the professional athlete includes intensive one-on-one sessions for individual sports. For those part of a team, hypnosis, meditation, and guided visualizations can later include your teammates team to help strengthen them as individuals and the team as a whole.

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