Can I really quit smoking in one session?
Yes you can!  You can change your old habits with immediate and long-lasting results.  The most important thing to remember is that you are human and you should not test yourself.  If you have a cigarette to “test yourself” you are subject to becoming a frequent smoker again.  We will include comfortable withdrawal and healthy alternatives in your session and discuss avoiding testing yourself to achieve long-lasting success.
Your Smoking Cessation Session will include an  interview process to understand your personal history, your reasons for wanting to quit smoking,  and what has kept you from quitting in the past.  We will then work on some positive imagery and then move into positive suggestions in which your reasons for quitting are incorporated.  Next, we will work on healthy alternatives and discuss what has kept you from quitting in the past.  We will finish with self-hypnosis instruction to help kick smoking for good! Let me help you achieve your goals!
It’s about two to three hours. Rebecca always allows three hours for each person. All sessions are individual.
The session includes:
  • Breaking connections between smoking and the REASONS  you smoke and WHY you began to smoke.
  • Breaking connections between smoking and the ACTIVITIES you do while smoking.
  • Creating a healthy desire for clean, fresh air.
  • Creating a healthy desire for drinking water.
  • Creating a numbness to withdrawal symptoms like headaches, short-temper, nicotine cravings.
  • Managing stress without cigarettes.
  • Managing boredom without cigarettes.
  • Also several techniques to do after your session to avoid thoughts of cigarettes that can be recreated for other self-improvement. 
The 3-hour session is only $775*.  If you and partner quit together (on the same day in individual sessions) then you each save $50.
*This can be reimbursed by flex spending or other benefits. It solely depends on your insurance plan and policy.

From Rebecca:

When you come in for your session, we spend time talking before we ever start hypnosis. It’s important to me that you can feel safe, comfortable, and relaxed. We spend time talking about you, your goals, your habit and what your triggers are, and how you want to feel. We set goals based on what is best for YOU. We spend some time working on releasing old stress, frustration so that you feel more balanced. As a former smoker myself, feeling out of balance with stress was a big part of my habit. Then we will help you break all those old connections with cigarettes and put in their place a nice healthy response. When we quit ‘cold turkey” the habit is still there, you’ve just stopped smoking. That’s why cold turkey can be so difficult. With hypnosis, you create another positive response which helps keep cigarette cravings away! It worked for me. I’ll be 13 years smoke-free in December! I can’t wait to help you! 

Ready? Let’s do this.
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