Rekindle the love affair with your life!

Your ticket to a rapid mindset shift starts with this special live or virtual coaching + hypnosis VIP Retreat. Spend the day nurturing your spirit. During this time we will be creating mindset shifts, refocusing your intention, and refreshing your motivation. Rebecca welcomes individuals and entrepreneurs who are ready to refocus and refresh the vision for their life.

You are invited to step out of your everyday life for the day and take this time just for you. You bring your goal and I’ll provide you with a safe, compassionate, and judgment free space to create a direct path to achievement. I’ll be with you on this special day, guiding you through mindset shift exercises, clarifying questions, and loads of goosebump + a-ha moments to help you get clear on your life path. Clear out the old, limiting beliefs, breakthrough your old, negative thoughts. You’ll be treated to a lunch, some special gifts, and a day of focusing on you and your goals. I believe in you.

Love, Rebecca

P.S. Book your consultation today. I’ve got limited spaces and I want to see you. We will discover together what path to take and get clear on our goals for the day.

Here are some of the most requested topics for your retreat:

  • Neutralizing a painful memory
  • Clarifying your goals and vision
  • Redefining your why and rediscover your motivation
  • Restructuring your business plan + Getting clear on your ideal clients
  • Creating a plan to play a bigger game in your life or business
  • Releasing anger + finding forgiveness
  • Creating an abundant money mindset
  • …or create your own.



  • Move forward from the past (hurts, abuse, betrayal), stop just getting by, and start truly living again.
  • Learn how to open up to connect with others, have healthy boundaries, and create deep, lasting relationships.
  • Stop fighting with their minds, stop spinning their wheels, and start achieving big goals.
  • Slow down that traffic jam of negative thinking, stop replaying and revisiting negative past experiences, and stop obsessively worrying about the future.
  • Say Goodbye! to pretending to be happy on the outside while hurting on the inside, and start living a genuinely happy life.

When you work with me

you will have access to everything I have learned about how hypnosis, the mind, and the big painful emotions (fear, anger, and sadness) and the amazing good-feeling emotion (LOVE) while learning to heal myself and hundreds of amazing clients who started out just like you. I know how to help you shift your mindset, change your thought patterns and stress responses, and use positive, attractive language to your advantage. I’ll create a path of healing just for you and your individual situation.

As we work together

I’ll help you to acknowledge the thought patterns, beliefs, and old stories that have you stuck in the past, guide you to shift old negative responses, and help you learn how to manage your emotions. I’ll coach you, hold your accountable, and give you the encouragement you need to achieve the life of peace, gratitude and happiness that you deserve and are worthy of living. I’ll be your biggest cheerleader and reality check. (Bonus: You’ll have some fun too.)

By the time our work is done

you will have a feeling of being refreshed and refocused, feel more at peace; in control; and confident; and ready to get back out into your life in a big way.

When asked about her retreat, Stephanie said, It’s been the single best thing that I’ve done for myself and my business.

Jennifer J said, “I gained so much clarity about my values and my goals. Rebecca helped me get so clear about my vision that all of my goals really make sense.”

Marilyn said, “I was able to let go of old programs that were no longer serving me. I loved every minute of being focused on myself. Better than a spa day.”

If you’re ready to move forward and you don’t want to waste another minute, click here right now to sign up for your free consultation.

Rebecca works with clients from the Midwest and across the country.  If you are traveling from a distance and would like to schedule a phone consultation, you will receive assistance with finding services and accommodations if desired.